The benefits of massage therapy are myriad, including an abundance of raesearch on massage for stress relief. Controlling stress is one way to lead a healthier and happier lifestyle—something your heart will thank you for, too.


Massage Therapy Can Help Lower Blood Pressure & Control Stress

In a recent study in the International Journal of Preventive Medicine, researchers concluded massage therapy could serve as an effective intervention in controlling blood pressure in pre-hypertensive women. The study showed that the immediate results of lowered blood pressure lasted up to 72 hours after massage.

A separate study in the same publication had similar findings; those that received regular Swedish massage therapy over a period of four weeks had significantly lower blood pressure than those who did not have a massage. Read the full story »

Find a Trusted Massage Therapist

Members of the American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA) are the most trusted massage therapists in the United States.

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